Workforceplanner Screen Shot


Workforceplanner Overview

Workforceplanner is Logistics Labour Planning Tool which is used by DC Management to complete all Labour Planning Process and Procedures. Workforceplanner provide the following and many more functionality .

Weekly Summary

This screen is used by Labour Planners,BA's and Operations to track by day what their plan cost is to actual weekly running cost. This screen is used after the Labour Planner has completed their weekly labour plans to fnd out what the weekly Cost Per Carton forecast is.

1. Report that shows individual DC Cost, Cartons, CPC, Thru Put, Overtime, Direct and Indirect Hours.
2. This is one of the main screens used in Workforceplanner that shows planned and week to date costs etc.
3. Same data as National KPI Report but shows more detail to DC

Production Plan vrs Actual

THis screen is a tool that Operation should use in conjuction with Staffing Sheets. This screen is linked to planned data and staffing sheet actual data. you need to have populated the daily Actuals by shift in Calculated Hours Required for this to work.

1. Report that shows (by Shift) Planned Labour and variance of Actual achieved.
2. Can we used by each shift or viewed a ‘whole’ day.
3. This report is (in the past 12 months) stating to be used by most DCs.
4. This report was created so DCs could ‘stop’ the blame game of it was ‘afternoon shift’ that blow the hours etc.
5. This report has helped to focus in on what each shift is achieving and where they are spending their hours.


Staffing Sheet

This is the main screen that is used by operation and is where everything comes together from all the previous setup functions. In order for the staffing Sheet to work the following must have been completed as a bare minimum. Set up of Staff with Staff Profile,training, skills,Rosters. DC Details,Section,Function,Job and Calculated hours Required.

1. Shows ‘Day of Operation’ job by person by hours
2. One function of the Staffing Sheet is on the right hand side of the page is to have a 0 balance of hours. Red indicates you are ‘over man’ and Green is ‘under’ in hours, plan comes from Fixed Base Plan and Calculate Hours Required screens.
3. Graphs on Top Right Hand side of each Cost Centre (and by each job)will show you have many people are on site (or by job) per hour of the day.

Fixed Base Plan

This screen show each fixed job from hours to dollars and visa versa. The hours entered in Fixed Base Plan will appear in Staffing Sheet for you to plan.

1. This function is where we set up the base Indirect Hours by job, by shift, by day.
2. This then carries over into Plan vrs Actual.
3. Report has a function of ‘show $’ that converts each hour into a dollar amount (incl totals)

Calculate Hours Required

This screen is the engine room of Workforceplanner to work out your Direct Labour Hours required in the staffing Sheet. If used correctly by following the correct steps you can accurately labour plan to hours required in the DC rather than the traditional method of staffing to MHE.

1. This function is where we work out our Direct Labour Hours
2. This function shows the volume that the Labour Planner forecasts to (by using either Budget Volume, Demand Planning Volume or their own DC volume forecast).The Demand volume does not take out DC Service Levels
3. The next function is to then by clicking on the Day, (ie clicking on the word Monday) will then break the volume down by section, by shift by productivity rate and will show you have many hours required you need to plan to.
4. This should be planned one week out, then adjusted daily as the volume changes.

SMS Functions

This function enables SMS to be sent to employees. This function is not automatically turned on for each staff. There is a 'tick box' function in Staff Details/Personal Details screen, unless this tick box and mobile number has been added , staff are unable to receive SMS.

1. SMS Casual Rosters
2. Overtime and Flex up Requests
3. Staff Availability Requests
4. General DC notifications
5. Message Management enable you to view , respond, create and action any incoming messages.


Workforceplanner provide hundreds of reports for different purpose, few examples are mentioned below
1. Report 22 – 6 weekly Performance % report (Local DC performance Report)
2. Report 70 – Staffing Levels and Turn Over Report (Report that shows current staff levels and turn over) NATIONAL>REPORTS>20C PERFORMANCE BY % - (National 6 weekly % Performance report by Employee type by DC)
3. LEAVE>NATIONAL LEAVE SUMMARY (shows amount of people by DC by Leave type)