Website Design

KNNSolutions specializes in building and customizing small business websites to suit your target market and your industry.
KNNSolutions can help you redesign your existing websites to give a fresh new modern look and also help you maintain your website with updates ,fresh content and much more. Online presence allows customers to find your small business quickly and effectively with a click of a button.

Application Development

In KNNSolutions we understand that each and every business has unique business requirements that are not always met by off-the-shelf windows application. With the help of technical experts at KNNSolutions, we can build customised windows applications to suit your business needs which can improve collaboration between your staff , clients and other software platforms that are currently being used, therefore saving your business time and money.
Whatever your business requirements are ,KNNSolutions can build a customised Windows application to suit your business needs and help you achieve your goals.

Database Development and Maintenance

KNNSolutions specilizes in database development and solutions for Microsoft SQL Server,Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft Access. Our database developers are experts in developing and maintaining complex data structures and high volume, high availability databases.

Database Development

The database is the core foundation for any application development. KNNSolutions understands database concepts, design and development, in order to build a well structured database yet provides high performance. We also consider every possible scenario like business growth, budgetary constraints while designing and developing databases.
KNSolutions’s database development services and solutions include:
1. Database design and planning
2. Database architecture and its scalability
3. Database Implementation
4. Database Performance analysis and improvements
5. Maintenance plans and backup scheduling

Database Maintenance

It is very ciritical to have your databases monitored and maintained on a daily basis to keep your databases secured, responsive and easy to recover in case of failure. To ensure your peace of mind, KNNSolutions takes extra care to make sure your databases are secured and operational at all times – whereby preserving your good reputation.
KNSolutions’s database maintenance services and solutions include:
1. Monitoring database health and usage
2. Optimising SQL queries and database performance
3. Planning and implementing solutions to support data volume growth
4. Analysing and identifying key issues
5. Maintaining security policies
6. Monitoring storage and archiving
7. Setting up maintenance plans
8. Monitoring and maintaining scheduled jobs
9. Setting up and monitoring database replication and mirroring

Maintenance and Support

Recurring IT problems(bugs) and technical issues have the potential to impact business productivity, and your business’s outcomes. Therefore, application maintenance and support is crucial in maintaining error-free, user-friendly and efficient systems within your business.
KNNSolutions can partner with your business to provide you with ongoing technical support and application maintenance services for part or all of your existing business systems. Our IT engineers will proactively identify any potential problems and resolve issues efficiently and cost-effectively.
When you partner with KNNSolutions, you can have the peace of mind that your business systems will remain stable,responsive and secure at all times.
Our application maintenance and support services include:

  • End Users Support
  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Application upgrades and maintenance
  • Web content upgrades


.NET Development

KNNSolutions is a Small Business Specialist.we have access to pool of talented developers and lastest technology that help to strengthen our capabilities and serve our customers better. Microsoft .NET is a framework used for the rapid development of desktop and web-based applications. ASP.NET is an integral part of the .NET framework, simplifying application development and allowing programmers to more efficiently build dynamic websites and web applications.
KNNSolutions has many years experience in .NET development for both web and desktop-based applications. Our experienced programmers can build customised .NET software solutions to suit the individual needs of your business weather it is large or small.
KNNSolutions has many years experience in .NET web and desktop application development in the areas of supply Chain, Labour Management, Retail Business and many others.

Our .NET application development expertise includes:

1. .NET desktop solutions and web application development
2. Web services development
3. Migration of existing desktop and web-based applications to .NET
4. Application performance tuning
5. .NET custom control development
6. .NET software product development
7. ASP.NET development

Our technical exposure in .NET application development includes:

1. Web and Desktop Applications: ASP.NET (using C# & Visual Basic .NET), Web Services, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Workflow Foundation,
2. Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight
3. Frameworks: MVC
4. Windows Applications: .NET Compact Framework, Mobile ASP.NET
5. Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft Access.