Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pages should my Website have?
What is Microsoft's .NET Platform?
How do I know I really need website maintenance?
How can I keep the website updated all round the year?
What is a domain name?
How would I know if a domain name is available?
How could I get a domain name booked?
How can I have my domain name renewed?
Why would I need to provide my personal information and would it visible on the Internet?

How can your website traffic be increased?
How can I guarantee top listings for my site on major search engine’s like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc?
What Technology Platform should one choose from?
What does KNNSolutions charge for rendering website maintenance services?
What technologies do you use for developing software?
What is your area of expertise?
How would the requirements be gathered should I choose to hire you for my software development project?
What would be the QA procedure for my software project? How will it be delivered to me?
How soon can you develop a website?